We support the broad collaboration of scientific areas to decipher our remote past.

We care about the protection of ancient art and cultural legacy.

We aim at reconstructing lost history events.

• We work on the origin and evolution of early cultural manifestations.


Research promoted by Fundación de Occidente helps rebuild the remote history of human being’s evolution and his intellectual and cultural development.

We also promote a due collaboration between institutions and between scientific areas, which is required in the study of the remote origin of our species.


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Since its start in 2004, Fundación de Occidente has published over 20 history and anthropology research books.

It regularly contributes to specialist conferences and is active on generic broadcasting media. Massive dissemination of knowledge is one of the Foundation’s main goals.


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Southwestern Europe is undoubtedly the best region to witness the path of manhood evolution and its associated culture during the last 1.5 million years. It hosts the richest and broadest collection of samples of human evolutionary development and its associated artistic footprint along the whole period.


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